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PERSONALIA Lisanne van den Berg

3 dingen die je moet weten van me?  I ♥ sociale wetenschap, ♥ persoonlijke ontwikkeling and ♥ uit te zoeken wat er nodig is om het beste uit anderen en mijzelf te halen. Ook ben ik aardig tech savy.

● Analytisch
● Leert snel bij
● Interviews afnemen
● Legt makkelijk contact met anderen
● Data analyse

And, for those who like to read, here you go. The long intro. I've always been fascinated by human behavior and behavior change. What is behavior and what motivates people to act? And why is it so hard for people to change ineffective or harmful habits?

With these questions in mind I started my studies. I was privileged to be able to study multiple disciplines such as Sociology, Communication studies and Philosophy in exciting learning environments at the University of Oxford and University College Maastricht. I've learned a great deal about what makes us humans behave the way we do and how I, as a social scientist, can measure this qualitatively and quantitatively.

Even so, that was mostly theory. Out in the real world, I've had several jobs that allowed me to gain more insight into human behavior and behavioral change. I've worked (and still do so parttime) as a consultant for online businesses. I use behavioral measures and online experiments to discover what works best for my clients, in terms of webdesign and copy.

In 2018 I decided that I wanted to include coaching in my repertoire, because it offers a more practical toolkit if you're wanting to bring about behavioral change. Also, I wanted to learn a new skill. As such, I'm currently working as a researcher and trainee team coach at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where I look at teams and professional agency. Also, I'm following an accredited program to become a certified Professional Coach.