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Welcome to [campus]OrléoN

[campus]OrléoN assumes the curiosity and inquisitiveness of people and hence the learning potentials of the societies they build. The goal of [campus]OrléoN is to make that mind for research tangible and to support it where possible. To realize this ambition [campus]OrléoN has two closely interrelated functions. It is a market place for supply and demand in research matters and it is a community of researchers amidst society.

[campus]OrléoN supports people who want to engage in their own research but also carries out research for clients.

[campus]OrléoN is a network of and for external PhD. candidates, academics, managers and directors, policy makers, artists, professionals, consultants and many others with a mind and passion for research. Today, hundreds of people are part of this network. Are you ready to join too?

"Insiders and outsiders in the domain of knowledge, unite. You have nothing to lose but your claims. You have a world of understanding to win"

- Robert K. Merton (1972)

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